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Rye Pala is one of the most well-known companies in the field of supplying instruments, valves and safety products in IRAN... more

Company Strategy

Our strategy is to generate profitable growth remains to drive forward with our investment programme, to deliver... more


Whether our clients are involved in oil, gas treatment, petrochemical, drilling, power production, we help them to source their... more

Why Rye Pala

We commit to become the most reliable partner to all of our customers and provide the best valve solution to every... more
















Instrumentation is the use of measuring instruments to monitor and control a process view

Industrial Valves

Offers a complete line of safety and relief valves, actuators and valve related industrial products view


Within industry, piping is a system of pipes used to convey fluids from one location to another view


The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury view

Boilers App's

Boiler and Burner App.view





























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  •  Address:  Tehran- Iran, unit 305, Ayeneh Building, Vanak Avenue,, Zipe code: 19919- 54113
  •  Phone: +98 (21) 88 78 83 25
  •  Fax: +98 (21) 88 78 83 26
  •  Email: info@ryepala.com