Spare Parts

  The supply of spare parts is an important mainstay of our Customer Support service. We supply high quality spare parts.
A complete range of spares is carried including elements, screens, baskets, seals and gaskets. Detailed spares recommendations are contained in our comprehensive operating and maintenance manuals.

Financial/ Technical Offer

  Product Prices SASCO or financial proposal, according to the client's request is sent to the customer at various time intervals. In the case of routine requests, invoices SASCO products in less than an hour will be sent to the client. If the requested item is out of the norm of the market and the need to import it from other countries may take from a day to a week.

Technical proposal according to customer requests for technical survey was sent which could include technical specifications, dimensions, catalog and all information that is required by the client, is. You can also refer to the product page on the site is intended SASCO access to some specifications and dimensions.


  Full documentation packages are prepared upon completion to high standards of quality and presentation in accordance with client requirements.

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